Rin { Milky Moo } ; Creeper Extraordinaire (crazy_otaku911) wrote,
Rin { Milky Moo } ; Creeper Extraordinaire

[Officially Saying]

[This journal is now inactive.]

Due to some recent events brought to light by my own experience and that of the JE hate meme/s, I'm abandoning Livejournal for personal use.

I'll continue on as a writer and as a mod-member, but that will be pretty much it.

(I will also probably keep up with my friend's list, but if you want to defriend me now, go right ahead.)

I do hope that eventually fandom will move (I will begin moving my fic archives as well), I know that may take a long time. Not that I contribute much, but you'll still see me around here and there, I'm sure.

Other ways of keeping in touch.

Dreamwidth - My new fangirling blog, whenever I get it up and running.
Twitter - Drop me a comment saying who you are when you add me, so I can add you back.
AIM - Reach my at #pipkinmuffin

Tags: account inactivity
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