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Fanfiction - Mostly Happily Ever After - Chap 2

Ok...I've really gone crazy. But here's the next chapter. And there will be...a...3rd one?
Do not ask how I came up with the name Riara. It's a looooooooooong story. Not really but there is a reason she's called that XD

Title - Mostly Happily Ever After (Chapter 2)
Author - Ritsu (crazy_otaku911
Rating - G
Warnings - Un-betaed.
Synopsis - In a fairy tale setting, The ball is today and Ryo and Pi still don't have dates! Jin, with the help of 2 Hey!Say! cuties (and a character made by me), will rescue them! (hopefully they'll all survive in one piece)
Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. I don't own JE. if I did. Jin would be mine.

Nishikido Ryo (Yellow Eito Ranger), and Yamashita Tomohisa (Head of the NEWSpaper) were frantic. It was the day of the ball and they sill didn't have any dates!

“You're going to be in tro-u-ble” Yokoyama Yu (Black Eito Ranger) snickered “The king specifically said we had to bring a lady~”

“Then why can't I just take Yasu and Pi can take Tegoshi!” Ryo demanded, irritably.

“Because I'm NOT A GIRL!!!!” Tegoshi yelled right into his ear “And NEITHER AM I!!!” Yasu yelled into his other ear.

“Ow!” Ryo clapped his hands over his ears. “What was that for?! That hurt!”

“Oh, suck it up, Ryo. It's you own stupid fault!” Yasu snapped. Everyone blinked, shocked at his outburst “What?” He asked, slightly flustered that everyone was staring at him “It's true!”
Tegoshi got up, his nose stuck in the air “Let's go, Yasu. I've got some violet nail polish that will go great with your outfit!” Yasu grinned happily and followed Yuya in flouncing out.

“....And they say they're not girls?” YamaPi raised an eyebrow. “I say they're in denial”

Yoko rolled his eye “Whatever.” He got up “Even if they are, they still have dates and you don't” He pointed out.

“I know I know!” They both groaned “I don't know what to do!” YamaPi slumped in his chair “Everyone is taken!”
Yoko nodded almost sympathetically, wished them luck and left, passing Jin coming in. “Hey guys!” He greeted them with a smile

The room grew noticeably chilly.

“What?” Jin asked, bewildered “What's wrong?”

“Why aren't you talking to us? Don't you want to spend time with Maki?” YamaPi asked sourly.

Jin's forehead creased slightly as he frowned “Are you really still mad about that?” He asked “Pi!!!” He sat on his best friend's lap “I didn't know! You didn't tell me!” He looked into Pi's eyes “You know I wouldn't have asked her if I had known” He let the hurt show in his voice “Why didn't you tell me?”

Pi looked away. “I just...You'd just...” He faltered “I'm sorry!”

Jin grinned and bumped foreheads with him “Well! To make up for it, I'm going to help you find your dates~!” He got up “Akanishi Power, Chuunyuu!” He cried, striking the Sailor Moon pose.

Ryo groaned “No…. No! I'll find her myself!”

“You won't find her if you're hiding in a bar!” Jin argued, planting his hands on his hips “You. Up. Now!” He scowled with such ferocity that Ryo automatically obeyed. “You too, Pi!” Jin rounded on YamaPi, who quickly scrambled to his feet.

“Now~” Jin said, draping his arms over their shoulders as they left the bar “Even though you two are considered losers because right now even Junno has a date with Suzuki Emi, we will NOT let that get us down”

“Oh, I feel so much better now” Ryo snarked

“None of your naysayery!” Jin bopped him on the nose before continuing on “Now, We’re just going to ask around and see who’s available. Our 1st stop is Hey!Say! SUPER”

“We’re going to the clothing store?” YamaPi asked incredulously

Jin nodded “Who knows~ Maybe we can get some help”

“I don’t see how a bunch of 2 year olds are going to help!” Ryo gave a derisive snort.

“Oh, you're just jealous because half of them are taller then you~” YamaPi teased

“I am not!”

“Are so”



They started bickering, Ryo vehement, YamaPi amused.

“I like pudding!~” Jin interrupted and pushed them both into the brightly colored store. Hey!Say! SUPER was the most popular department store, reserved only for those of the court. It was run by the 5 Earls of Uber Cuteness and the 5 Lords of Ultra Hotness

“Welcome!” A small figured leaped gracefully from above and landed in front of them “This is Hey!Say! SUPER, How may I help you?” Chinen Yuri chirped, before recognizing them “Uwa! Akanishi-senpai! What brings you here?” He asked surprised “You already have the sweater we were saving for you~”

“Yup, I wore it yesterday” Jin said cheerfully “But I'm here because of these dudes” He indicated the men at his sides

“Oh! I see” Chinen looked over his shoulder and yelled “Hey Yamada!!!! Come here!!!” He turned back to the senpai, talking in a normal voice “You're looking for some girls to go with them, ne?”

“Does the whole world know that we don't have dates?” Ryo demanded, irked to the extreme and deeply embarrassed.

“Of course they do” Chinen giggled “It's like watching a soap opera only you get to be part of it!”

“Hai?!” Yamada finally appeared from a room in the back, his hair mussed and his eyes sleepy

“Slowpoke” Chinen stuck his tongue out “Where's Riara?”

Yamada blinked at the smaller boy, brain obviously not in the same galaxy as them “Riara? I...don't know...why?”

Chinen danced over to Ryo, poking him in the stomach and darting away before Ryo could hit him “You haven't been paying attention but a certain someone doesn't have a date~ Is she still hiding in the tea shop?”

Yamada's eyes lit up “Maybe! I'll go see!” He raced out of the back door.

“Wait....what? Who's this 'Riara'?” YamaPi had a Jin (a.k.a. confused) face on

Chinen smiled “Riara is Ryosuke's twin sister~ She's kinda shy but she works at Tokio Tea Time shop”

“I've never been there” Ryo said, frowning slightly

Jin nodded “It's great! Well, as long as you're not expecting a nice and quiet cup of tea. The overall color scheme in orange and Sir Nagase occasionally provides entertainment”

There was a long pause.

“Well” Ryo said slowly “I guess I'll pass then”

“I'm back!!!” Yamada's voice came from behind, and they all turned to see him burst through the front doors, bring someone else with him

“You're back~!” Chinen's face lit up with big smile “Nishikido-senpai meet Riara. Riara, Nishikido-senpai”

“I'm YamaPi” Tomo hated being left out. But he was wasting his breath, Riara wasn't paying any attention to him. The moment her eyes had fallen on Ryo, she'd stopped in her tracks, blushing scarlet and staring wide-eyed. Then Pi received the shock of his life when he realized that Ryo was staring. This wasn't even the usual staring. It was like he'd found his soul!

While Ryo and Riara were busy staring at each other and Pi was busy starting at THEM staring at eachother, Jin fidgeted, already bored. This solved one problem but he still didn't know what to do for Pi! He thought about it for a second before deciding it took to much effort and he'd rather just DO something about it.

“Pi, C'mon” He tugged on Tomo's jacket “Let's go”

“But” Pi protested “What about them?” He pointed at the 2 others

Jin shrugged “What about them? They look like they'll be fine~I'm sure they won't do anything that would make Yamada and Chinen step in. Now lets worry about you” With that he yanked Pi out of the store.


Ryo slowly became aware that his jaw was hanging open and tried to shut. Then the thought slowly crossed his mind that he should fully introduce himself “I'm N-n-nidokida Ryu...I mean Nishi-shikido R-ryo” He stumbled over ever single syllable, a shy, dorky grin plastered on his lips.

She smiled back just as shyly “Y-yamada Riara” She replied, only slightly more graceful.

It was like.....love.


“Just leave me alone!” Pi snapped, losing his patience with even his best friend. He was hot and tired and sick of not having a date. They were near his house and that was where he was heading and that was where he was STAYING.

Jin let him go, biting his lip. He wanted to help Pi but he didn't know how!

Then. It dawned on him. Not in the sunrise-dawn kind of way. More of the oh-my-freakin'-crap-I-just-stepped-on-a-banana-with-my-sock kind of dawn.

He knew exactly what he needed to do! He was going to help his best friend!!!!!

...After lunch


Pi slammed his door shut and flopped on the couch without taking his shoes or jacket off. His flung his arms over his eyes and wished he could just forget everything. Forget the ball. Forget needing a date. FORGET MAKI

“YamapiShock!” He screamed, bolting upright “Forget Maki?” He stared wide-eyed at the ceiling “Impossible!” That would be like forgetting your pants when you went to work! Only it worse! Much worse!

He lay back down on the couch

He let his eyes close as he snuggled into a sleeping position and thought about Maki's smile.

And so we leave them.
Has Ryo found the love of his life?
Will Pi find someone besides Maki-chan?

We'll see~


Oh my! >_>
It turned into 3 chapters....
Comments are loved! (f-locking for a bit...just so someone has the chance to shoot me before I post it)

Do ask me what I wrote or why I wrote it. I just DID. You can't argue with Muses (unless it's Ichigo but that's a completely different matter)
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