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Fanfiction - Chiraizumu

Oh geez. Look what Ritsu does when she's PMS-ing can't sleep!
She write more bad fanfiction~
oh wells, this one popped into my mind last night (I think while I was talking to Riri)

Title – Chiraizumu
Author - Ritsu (crazy_otaku911)
Rating - PG
Warnings – Un-betaed.
Pairing - KKK friendship
Synopsis – The real reason Shige is singing a pervy song.
Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. I don't own JE. If I did, Jin would be mine.

“What?!?!?!” Kato Shigeaki squawked when he saw the lyrics “I AM NOT SINGING THIS!!!”

"Shige! You have to" His best friend, Koyama Keiichiro, cried “I need a partner”

Shige shoved the page in his face “Hey Girl, it thrills me! Hey Girl, peeping up your skirt?” Just saying it made Shige turn red.

“Aw~ You are sooooooooooooooooooo innocent. Can’t even handle talking about girls undies” Koyama fell into a fit of giggles.

“SHUT UP! Or I’ll...I’ll” Shige was at a loss of what he’d do to his taller (and stronger) friend “I’ll sick Wagahai on you”

“Shige” Keii rolled his eyes “I am so not scared of you”

Shige gave a rueful laugh “Meow. Hiss. Claw your leg up”

“Just think about it will you?”

“NO! Ask Tegoshi!”

“Ew~ Tegoshi doesn’t even know what a thong is”

“And neither do I!” Shige yelled

Keii smirked “Yes you do, you’re still red” He poked Shige’s cheek “Kawaii, Kawaii” he imitated a fangirlish squeal.

Shige batted his hand away “I have to go to school”

Koyama watched him leave “Shige! Don’t deny your curiosity!” he called, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

“Shove it up your nose, Keii!”

“I will!” Was Keii’s teasing reply.

Shige stopped, spluttering. “You are so messed up” He left without another word.

Koyama watched him, his smile fading slightly. He knew Shige didn’t want to do it. But he also knew Shige would do it. Once he remembered the reason Keii was asking.

Shige got home after classes, exhausted. He had been unusually distracted in class because he couldn’t stop thinking about what Koyama had asked him to do. He didn’t want to say yes because that would be accepting something he didn’t want to accept. (even if it had been a year)

His thoughts were interrupted when the doorbell to his apartment rang. “Hello?” he opened the door “Oh! Notti!” he cried, recognizing Kusano Hironori, his other best friend. “Hey what’s up?” he asked when he noticed that Kusano, normally bouncy and loud, was quiet and looking at his feet.

“I’m...I’m sorry, Shigeko” Kusano mumbled

“Eh? Why?”

Kusano looked up, his eyes brimming with tears “I know you don’t want to do the song” He whispered “And…and you know I’d do it…in a heartbeat I’d do it...But” he choked “I can’t” A tear made its way down Notti’s cheek. “I want to so bad…Shigeko…and I know you don’t want to…and I wish I still could…but”

Shige looked at his friend, his mind made up. “I’m doing it” He replied, reaching out to hug Notti “I want to do it”

Kusano burst into tears on Shige’s shoulder “A-arigato”

Shige sang.

And for Notti, he gave it his all.

“Oh my gosh” Ryo stared at him after practice one day in“Who knew that the brain was a closet perv!?” Shige couldn't tell if he was joking or he was actually surprised

“Oh be quiet” He flushed

“But you are~” YamaPi teased


“Take a peek up your skirt!” they sang to him, imitating the dance “I can’t resist my instincts and bad thoughts”

“I am not a perv” Shige protested, beet red and obviously losing the battle.

Massu laughed “It doesn’t matter. Once the fangirls hear it they’ll think you are” He watched as Shige screamed and stomped his foot before running off, unable to take any more

“Dude…” Tegoshi turned to the rest of the group “Did he just stomp his foot?”

“Ok so he’s not a perv…he’s a girl”

Kusano watched the concert. It had hurt a lot knowing that he couldn’t sing the song with Koyama. But know that the other K in KKK would sing it for him had made that a little more bearable.


Watching Shige be a perv was the most utterly hilarious thing ever!!!

Instant Message

Notti. You owe me one

Anything for U Shigeko. Want me to take ya to a strip club?

I’m going to kill you

LOL, just admit you love me and you want to go *winks*.

I’ll admit to one. Not the other

You don’t love me? =O I’m hurt! When do you want to go? ^_~

I'm going to kill you

you already said that! U can't kill me twice!

I'm a genius~ I'll figure out a way

*pokes* Shigeko~


Honto ni Arigato gozaimasu

Anything for my buddy



So yes~ Lan? Twinie? Riri? Tani?
what'cha think?
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