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Rin { Milky Moo } ; Creeper Extraordinaire
31 December 2012 @ 10:38 pm

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[This journal is inactive]
As of December 1st, 2010, I have discontinued using this journal for personal use.

If you're looking for my fanfiction, it's over at pocky_addiction

This journal is locked. Please comment to be added! I'm friendly, so I will friend you back if you comment, but please make sure you leave a comment when you add me. ♥

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- dO nOt TaLk LiKe ThIs <-- this is a pain, yes I can read it but most of you know how to type. Please do so.
- Do not flame me. If you don't like me, don't add me.
Rin { Milky Moo } ; Creeper Extraordinaire
31 January 2011 @ 12:54 am
Breaking my self-imposed exile.

I'm not sure what to say but I guess since I was kicked out, there's not much to say anyways? Obviously that is over and done with and I guess it's all moving on and I don't... have to be a part of it. Nor does anyone seem to want me to be.

Funny how this all happens the few days I really can't deal with it. Hmm.

Anyways, I guess everything's changed and yet... I still feel bad. Not because of what happened, things like that are never cool and they never will be.

But didn't I start this?

Hmmmm... I think I did. I'm not sure if that means I should say sorry or not.

I feel kind of majorly miffed, but at the same time... well, we knew it was bad when -I- was the one making something happen. I'm not that kind of person, but sometimes things just rub me enough to get the ball rolling.

Of course, then it snowballed and things didn't quite go as planned, but again... really?

I'm not sure what to say about it anymore.

I guess being forever irrelevant is the best course - it's much less stressful and I'm less likely to cause messes, right? But I kind of wonder.

And then decide that it's time to cook some noodles and move on. New shiny people and nobody seems to want my help anyways so.

Farewell? or something. You know.
Rin { Milky Moo } ; Creeper Extraordinaire
01 December 2010 @ 01:37 pm
[This journal is now inactive.]

So long, FarewellCollapse )

Other ways of keeping in touch.

Dreamwidth - My new fangirling blog, whenever I get it up and running.
Twitter - Drop me a comment saying who you are when you add me, so I can add you back.
AIM - Reach my at #pipkinmuffin

Rin { Milky Moo } ; Creeper Extraordinaire
13 March 2008 @ 09:25 pm
Hey you guys! I made a comm~! Just for all my crap that doesn't go here.

Rin { Milky Moo } ; Creeper Extraordinaire
22 February 2008 @ 09:38 am
Oh goodness...I'm sure you're all sick of me posting fanfics...I think I've gone into a craze...but this is really short too~

Title – Now when the rain falls
Author - Ritsu (crazy_otaku911)
Rating - PG
Warnings – I don't know how to write emo.
Pairing - RyoUchi
Synopsis – Uchi didn't mean to get drunk.
Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. I don't own JE. If I did, Jin would be mine.
Notes - Written from Uchi POV. Unbetaed (if anyone wants to be my beta...tell me~)
The idea came to me when I was listening to the song (its one of my favorite songs in Scarlet Pimpernel...and this is the result. I'm no good at this kind of fic (but I kinda think that's a good thing...)

I don't want to cry when I think of you...but now when the rain falls...I doCollapse )

um...yeah...*needs NEWS love so she can smile*
Tell me what you think~
(I don't think I'll post this one in the comm unless someone says I should...)
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Rin { Milky Moo } ; Creeper Extraordinaire
21 February 2008 @ 08:46 am
Oh geez. Look what Ritsu does when she's PMS-ing can't sleep!
She write more bad fanfiction~
oh wells, this one popped into my mind last night (I think while I was talking to Riri)

Title – Chiraizumu
Author - Ritsu (crazy_otaku911)
Rating - PG
Warnings – Un-betaed.
Pairing - KKK friendship
Synopsis – The real reason Shige is singing a pervy song.
Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. I don't own JE. If I did, Jin would be mine.

hey gal – it’s a peep showCollapse )

So yes~ Lan? Twinie? Riri? Tani?
what'cha think?
Rin { Milky Moo } ; Creeper Extraordinaire
Okie-dokies~ The last chapter! the only thing I regret is that I didn't make up cool names for all the groups~

But here it is!

It's a little more on the cutesy side then funny~

But oh well.

Title - Mostly Happily Ever After (Chapter 3 [FINAL])
Author - Ritsu ( crazy_otaku911)
Rating - G
Warnings – Un-betaed...Ashley Tisdale! (You have been warned XD)
Synopsis - In a fairy tale setting, It is –still- the day of the ball! Jin and Ryo have found dates but Pi is still stuck! Will Jin's plan (whatever that may be) fall through? Is Ryo madly in love? Will they all end mostly happily ever after?
Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. I don't own JE. If I did, Jin would be mine.

It's not over till the curtains fallsCollapse )

Thanks for reading~
Rin { Milky Moo } ; Creeper Extraordinaire
19 February 2008 @ 04:15 pm
Ok...I've really gone crazy. But here's the next chapter. And there will be...a...3rd one?
Do not ask how I came up with the name Riara. It's a looooooooooong story. Not really but there is a reason she's called that XD

Title - Mostly Happily Ever After (Chapter 2)
Author - Ritsu (crazy_otaku911
Rating - G
Warnings - Un-betaed.
Synopsis - In a fairy tale setting, The ball is today and Ryo and Pi still don't have dates! Jin, with the help of 2 Hey!Say! cuties (and a character made by me), will rescue them! (hopefully they'll all survive in one piece)
Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. I don't own JE. if I did. Jin would be mine.

Panic at the shonen clubCollapse )

Oh my! >_>
It turned into 3 chapters....
Comments are loved! (f-locking for a bit...just so someone has the chance to shoot me before I post it)

Do ask me what I wrote or why I wrote it. I just DID. You can't argue with Muses (unless it's Ichigo but that's a completely different matter)
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Rin { Milky Moo } ; Creeper Extraordinaire
17 February 2008 @ 11:36 pm
Ok. Shoot me. I'm actually posting fanfiction. I don't think anyone's seen my fanfiction besides Lan...b/c I really suck. (and shooting me would probably take my mind of my stomach)
But! I'm doing this just for you, Tani!

Title: Mostly Happily Ever After
Author: Ritsu (me)
Pairing: Read and you will see (Leah Dizon is in there)
Rating: PG
Characters: Jin, YamaPi, Ryo
Summary: King Johnny is throwing a ball. Who will RyoPin take?

Cinderella is so out of styleCollapse )

Um...did I actually just write that? Omg! >_> Why am i posting this?

Um...if you did...actually read it?...tell me what you think?

Just no outright saying it sucks cuz even though i know it is I don't wanna hear it!

there *might* be a 2nd chapter. (Do you really want me to write it?)