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Fanfiction - Mostly Happily Ever After.

Ok. Shoot me. I'm actually posting fanfiction. I don't think anyone's seen my fanfiction besides Lan...b/c I really suck. (and shooting me would probably take my mind of my stomach)
But! I'm doing this just for you, Tani!

Title: Mostly Happily Ever After
Author: Ritsu (me)
Pairing: Read and you will see (Leah Dizon is in there)
Rating: PG
Characters: Jin, YamaPi, Ryo
Summary: King Johnny is throwing a ball. Who will RyoPin take?


Long, long ago. In a galaxy, far, far away.

Not really.

But there once was a great and beautiful kingdom, ruled by the rich and clever king, Kitagawa Johnny, and a royal court filled with people such as the Knights of KAT-TUN and the Eito Rangers.

The kingdom prospered under King Johnny (this is accredited to his cunning merchandising and the fact that every female in the kingdom would gladly empty their wallets for anyone in the royal court.)

To celebrate his success, King Johnny decided to have a ball, and every single one of the royal court was to attend, escorting one lucky lady ( Possibly in fluffy and painfully colored outfits) (Yes, even TOKIO)

1 week before the ball, 3 friends were sitting in a bar, discussing their plans. There was Nishikido Ryo, Yellow Eito Ranger. Akanishi Jin, one of the Knights of KAT-TUN. And Yamashita Tomohisa, head of the very successful NEWSpaper.

“Do you think the pink flair pants are too over the top?” YamaPi asked

“YES” the other 2 answered over each other

He pouted “Why not”

Ryo leaned over to poke him “We’re trying to look good. Not like alien poodles” He teased

Jin looked up from the Sudoku puzzle he was attempting “But poodles are cute~”

The world paused so Ryo could roll his eyes. “Jin…just…no”

“Do either of you have dates yet” Pi watched as they both shook their heads “Is there anyone you want to take?”

Jin pulled out a stack of cards from his jacket. Most of them were pink, lacy, and smelled of perfume. “Lesse” He muttered, shifting through the cards “Hamesaki Ayumi, Toda Erika, Koda Kumi, Uta-“

“SHUT UP” His best friends both yelled.

“What about you, Ryo?”

The black haired man flushed and muttered something incoherent. “What?” Jin and Pi leaned forward so they could hear better

“Dizon Leah”

They burst out laughing “Leah?!?! The flower shop girl?” Pi choked “Haven’t you had a crush on her since you were 10” Jin said, amidst a fit of giggles

“Shut up!” Ryo hissed, trying to hide the fact that he was blushing furiously. “What about you, Pi?” He asked, shifting the attention away from himself.

YamaPi shrugged coolly “I don’t care” he said, in an indifferent tone.

“He wants to take some girl that works at the library” Jin informed Ryo

“JIN” YamaPi cried, shocked “H-How did you know that?!”

It was Jin’s turn to roll his eyes “A little dog called Pin told me”

“Cute” Ryo snickered, forgetting that it was he that was getting laughed at a minute ago.

Just as YamaPi was about to strangle Jin, Koyama Keiichiro (the palace’s only Kat) waltzed into the room, jumping onto Jin’s lap “Akanishi-kun” He purred, rubbing his cheek against Jin’s “Shige wants you~”

“What does the court astronomer want with you?” Ryo asked, suspiciously, as Keii jumped back off Jin’s lap.

“Oh crap!” Jin bolted upright “I promised Shige I’d help him for a week if he played the Princess in the play with Lord Takki and Duke Tsubasa!!! Jaa ne!” He shot after Keii, running after the Kat.

YamaPi looked over at Ryo with a quizzical expression “Why didn’t he just ask Tegoshi? Or Yasu?....They’d never make a deal like that~”

Ryo rolled his eyes again “Pi…its JIN”

YamaPi leaned forward, his arms resting on the table “So…are you going to ask Leah?”

Ryo squirmed “I don’t know” he said “I want to but whenever I see her, it feels like my stomach is going to come out my throat!” he was more open about this with Pi then Jin. Jin would never understand it.

YamaPi nodded “I know…it’s the same with Maki…” (Ryo already knew about Pi’s huge crush on Horikita Maki)

“But I really want her to go with me!” Ryo burst out. “I just…can’t do it!”

“How about this….1st person to get Maki-slash-Leah to go with them wins?” YamaPi suggested “Loser buys winner ANYTHING they want” Pi was hoping the competitiveness would override their nerves. Ryo readily agreed

The next few days passed. Jin spending most of his time in the tower, or the library, with Shige. YamaPi and Ryo spent it gathering up their courage, stepping forward, looking into the girl’s eyes, and chickening out.

“This is not working” Ryo groaned as he walked down the street.

“Nishikido-san!” He turned as someone hailed him and froze when he saw who it was.

Leah held up his wallet “I think you dropped this outside the shop” She said, offering it to him.

He took it, his body moving automatically while his brain screamed for him to do something. “Th-th-thank you” He stuttered.

She smiled, bowing slightly “Well, I’ll see you around then!” She turned and began walking away.

Ryo watched her leave, her hair swishing behind her. His confidence exploded and he plunged foreward “Leah!”

She turned around, puzzled, as he ran to catch up “Yes?” She flashed him another smile

He was slightly breathless and it wasn’t because he was out of shape “Do-do you…want to go—go to the ball? With me?”

Her smiled faded “I’m sorry, Nishikido-san” She said, eyes wide and apologetic “But…I already said yes to someone else…”

Ryo stood there, fixated in shock. This had never occurred to him “Wh-who?” he asked weakly

“Tatsuya. Ueda Tatsuya”

Ryo imploded.

Jin found them in the bar. YamaPi concerned, Ryo was…well, drunk!

“What happened?” Jin asked as he looked down at Ryo, curled around a tankard

“She goin’ with that slimy….slimy…” Ryo looked up at Pi as his voice slurred “Who?”

“Leah’s going to the ball with Ueda” YamaPi whispered

“Oh!” Jin looked down surprised “Wow…didn’t think he’d do that~”

“Ueda!” Ryo yelled “You little girl! I’ll…I’ll…” He took another gulp “drench you in tofu” he finished, looking pleased with himself. Jin and YamaPi decided to leave him for a while.

“So~” Pi started when they stepped away from Ryo “Have you found anyone?”


“Eh? Really? WHO?” Of course Jin would have it easy while YamaPi and Ryo almost had nervous breakdowns.

“This girl I met at the library while I was helping Shige!” Jin said, grinning “We got to talking and stuff and I asked her and she said YES!”

“What’s her name?”

“Maki-chan~ Horikita Maki!”

The temperature of the atmosphere dropped below freezing.

And so it was that Ryo and YamaPi did NOT get the girls they wanted. However, the ball was still a success and besides that one incident, they lived Mostly Happily Ever After.


Um...did I actually just write that? Omg! >_> Why am i posting this?

Um...if you did...actually read it?...tell me what you think?

Just no outright saying it sucks cuz even though i know it is I don't wanna hear it!

there *might* be a 2nd chapter. (Do you really want me to write it?)
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