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Fanfiction - Mostly Happily Ever After Chapter 3 (FINAL)

Okie-dokies~ The last chapter! the only thing I regret is that I didn't make up cool names for all the groups~

But here it is!

It's a little more on the cutesy side then funny~

But oh well.

Title - Mostly Happily Ever After (Chapter 3 [FINAL])
Author - Ritsu ( crazy_otaku911)
Rating - G
Warnings – Un-betaed...Ashley Tisdale! (You have been warned XD)
Synopsis - In a fairy tale setting, It is –still- the day of the ball! Jin and Ryo have found dates but Pi is still stuck! Will Jin's plan (whatever that may be) fall through? Is Ryo madly in love? Will they all end mostly happily ever after?
Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. I don't own JE. If I did, Jin would be mine.

RECAP – When we left our three heros boys...uhm...men. Whutever!
Ryo – slacked jawed and staring at Yamada's twin sister, Riara (in an uber sappy, starstruck fashion)
Pi – Date-less and asleep on his couch
Jin – has...a...plan? (Yes. That's what I said!)

Ryo fiddled with the collar of his outfit. Riara. Riara. Riara. The name repeated through his head like a chime blowing in the wind. He tried engraving her face in his mind. The way she spoke. The way she blushed.

“WHAT THE CRAP” Uchi shrieked “Get your freakin' hands off or I'll get you arrested for molesting me!” Ryo was brought back to the real world when Uchi's skinny arms began pounding his stomach. In his daydreaming he'd somehow managed to wrap his arms around his best friend.

He released the taller man, blushing red “'M Sorry, Shakkun...” He mumbled

“Do I look like a girl!?” Uchi demanded

“Yes” Ryo recovered enough to dodge Uchi's next punch

“Do you want me to help you or not?!” Uchi demanded, his lips sticking out in a pout “You're trying to impress someone and you look like a mess!” He began combing Ryo's hair back into place

Ryo gave a small grin “What would I do without you Hiroki~”

“You'd be a pirate that has no manners and scares everyone” Uchi grinned slightly “But stop muttering 'Riara' it's getting old” He started straitening Ryo's shirt “Though...really this is the 1st time you've ever been like this~ You didn't even do this when you were nuts with Leah....”

“Really?” Ryo gave a special smile “I guess I've just never...been...I think I'm-” He realized what he sounded like “@#$%” He screamed at the top of his lungs.

“Oi!” Uchi smacked his head “Behave!”

“Yes Mommy”

“And you scream like a girl!”

“Yes Mommy”

“You really do want me to kill you”

Jin had a plan

And he was going to make it work!

He called the rest of his minions

“Senpai! Here!” Chorused group of younger (but probably more mature) (Slightly more) men.

“Ok...here's the plan” He attempted an evil laugh but it was just a fit of giggles

“Senpai” Machida Shingo (one of Musical Academy's resident teachers) rested his hand on Jin's shoulder “Don't~”

Jin pouted but soon gave up and continued to give instructions “And you 4” he pointed and ABC (Abs? Bouncers? Cool~) (they owned Jin's favorite private bar) “Will infiltrate and kidnap! But-” He threw up a cautionary hand “-be careful! Pi sometimes prefers walking around the house naked”

“EH!?!?” Tsuka looked like he might throw up. Tottsu patted him on the back

“We’ll do it or die trying!” Fumi cried, pumping his fist dramatically in the air

“Oh, don’t do it then” Jin whined “If you die, someone will want to blame it on ME” He folded his arms and pouted some more.

He beckoned for the others to gather around “Now you guys have to….”

Pi was still asleep on the couch when the door flew open and ABC burst into the room. He stayed asleep as they fell into dramatic fighting positions.

How climatic.

“Man!” Koichi complained “I was hoping for something more interesting?”

“Please do not tell me you actually wanted him walking around naked” Tottsu rolled his eyes.

“I didn’t say that!” Koichi cried

“And you’re not going to say much else if you don’t shut up!” Tsuka brandished a plastic hammer at him


They got to work ‘kidnapping’ Yamashita Tomohisa.

Jin’s plan was working!

He smirked. “And people think I’m stupid~”


“Oh my friggin crap! MY PIKACHU JUST FAINTED!”

Ryo’s heart was pounding. Time ticked by.

He couldn’t say it. It’s always came out in a code

Pi awoke to 4 pairs of hands dressing him. He was shocked when he realized how far they had gotten! They were almost done, finishing up on his shoes and jacket

“Is this for real?” One voice muttered

“He wears teddy bear boxers…”


“RAPISTS!” Pi screamed the 1st thing that came to mind.

ABC leaped back “Rapists!?” Tottsu’s eyes darted in all directions “Where!?!?”

Pi pointed a finger at them “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING!?!?!”

“No time for that” Tsuka said, bopping him on the head with the plastic hammer. Pi slumped, instantly asleep

“Uh oh~”

30 minutes to the ball


“Ah, Maki-chan!” Jin cried, almost forgetting his plan “I’m so happy to get a hold of you!”

“Oh, Jin” She laughed

“Ne~ Why don’t you meet me at the bridge near the palace gardens? We can go to the ball from there~”


15 minutes to the ball

YamaPi awoke. Again.

His head didn’t really hurt but he could tell were Tsuka had hit him. He gingerly felt it and was glad there were not bumps. He was lying in one of the secluded courtyards. The rose one.

“Finally awake?” Purred that ever-so-familiar voice. He looked up to see Jin sitting on a nearby wall “You nearly ruined everything, sleeping like that”

“Ruined what” Pi muttered darkly “And I’m sorry if I did. I was being attacked by 4 overgrown 3 year olds”

“It doesn’t matter” Jin hopped off and joined him “It’ll all be fine” He was soft and serious which immediately made Tomo suspicious

“What’s going to be fine”

Jin gave one of those rare enigmatic smiles “You’ll see” He reached out, plucking a rose colored like the sunrise off a nearby bush

“Now Pi” He turned back to his friend “This is your rose. I didn’t give it to you. It’s YOURS. Remember that” He got up, taking a couple steps forward “I know you’re dateless which is why I need you to do something for me~”

“What” Pi was slightly annoyed that all Jin wanted right now was for him to do a favor

“There’s someone at the bridge on the other side of this garden…I need you to go and meet them. Tell them….’Jin says he’s sorry’…” He turned back to Tomo “I think giving them the rose might be a good idea”

Pi blinked “O…kay”

Jin gave a small laugh “Hurry please~ I know you don’t want to…but it’s for the best” He reached out, his hands resting on Tomo’s shoulders “And I want to say I’m sorry to you to~”

Pi looked away “Even if I was mad at you” he spoke softly “I could never stay that way” He smiled, peeking up at Jin “You’re too silly~”

Jin pulled him into a hug “oh just go already!”

Pi hugged back “I can’t when you’re hugging me!”

Ryo wanted to say it! He wanted to say it with all his heart! But that same heart was keeping him from doing it.

Life isn’t always perfect. But it can come pretty close

Pi walked down to the bridge, thinking about what Jin had said…He wondered what he really meant. Jin. He still, even after all these years, didn’t fully understand the workings of Jin’s ditzy brain.

He rounded the corner, the bridge coming into sight. He wanted to cry. Oh, Jin

Standing on the bridge, in her beautiful deep grey gown, waiting, was Maki.


He approached. Was this a dream. Had Jin really done this for him? Oh, Jin

Maki turned as she heard his footsteps “Oh! Tomohisa-kun” She gave a small smile “I was just waiting for your friend…What brings you here?”

He stood there for a second. He remembered what Jin had told him. “I’m here because…because…Jin wanted to say…I’m sorry”

The smile faded and she looked disappointed (but not as much as he thought she would) “Oh…I see”

He fingered the stem of the rose he was still holding “I uh-” He held it out “Here”

She took it “Thank you” She said softly

“Maki, I” he blurted out “I really…” He stumbled “You’ve always been...”

She smiled shyly “You feel that way too?”

“I what? same as” He looked into her eyes, not able to squash the hope rising in him. Hand shaking, he touched a lock of her hair

She nodded, reaching up to take his hand

“I do~”

Ryo wanted to say. Say it say it say it was the endless chant through his head. But he couldn't!

Riara stood next to him. They'd talk, find what they had in common, get excited, then embarrassed, and fall back into silence.

“Riara” He started again


“I just...I really wanted...t-to” He couldn't stop messing up the words

Her lips lifted into a bashful understanding smile

Though your smile
Through my signal
Let's make our dreams come true

He stepped forward, his hands settling on her waist. He leaned over and said it in the only way he knew how.

fui ni kuchitzukete kimi ga mezameru yo
soko wa yakusoku no yume no basho

If an action means a thousand words and all you want to say is 'I love you' what power does an action have built on only that?

Jin watched as Ryo and YamaPi's wishes were granted. He smiled in satisfaction and gave himself a mental pat on the back on the back.

“Did you fix it all?” A sunny voice came from the bench behind him. He turned to the slim blonde sitting there

He smiled at Ashley Tisdale “I think so~” He said joining her

“It's good to know that you know how to fix those kinds of problems” She laughed

“Hey! It's not my fault Pi never told me he liked her” He scooted closer “And it's not my fault you didn't say anything”

“Some things are just obvious”


Nearing the end of the ball, 3 friends made there way out to the sakura garden, each holding by the hand someone special in their heart.

The moon was out but soon a lunar eclipse would happen.

Amid the falling blossoms, 6 pairs of eyes were fixed on the moon.

And 6 hearts made wishes.

But I think they were already granted.



Thanks for reading~
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