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Fanfiction - Now when the rain falls

Oh goodness...I'm sure you're all sick of me posting fanfics...I think I've gone into a craze...but this is really short too~

Title – Now when the rain falls
Author - Ritsu (crazy_otaku911)
Rating - PG
Warnings – I don't know how to write emo.
Pairing - RyoUchi
Synopsis – Uchi didn't mean to get drunk.
Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction. I don't own JE. If I did, Jin would be mine.
Notes - Written from Uchi POV. Unbetaed (if anyone wants to be my beta...tell me~)
The idea came to me when I was listening to the song (its one of my favorite songs in Scarlet Pimpernel...and this is the result. I'm no good at this kind of fic (but I kinda think that's a good thing...)

Now when the rain falls, it's heavy and gray.
It tumbles and pitches through space.

I didn't mean to get drunk. It had all been a huge mistake. One I've regretted ever since.
I ruined everything. I hurt you.

I can remember when the rainwas soft,
When you kissed the rain from my face.

All I wanted to do was run away.
Hide from you.
I was so ashamed. I didn't deserve your love. But I needed it more then ever.

Now when the wind blows, I run from its touch.
With you, wind was silk on my skin.

But with that mistake...I can't see you anymore...
I'm sorry for what happened. I'm sorry for hurting you.

People in love walk inside the wind,
Where nothing can hurt you-it holds you too close-
But now I'm outside, looking in.

Why? I didn't mean for it to happen. I didn't want to hurt anyone.
Why can't I see you anymore?
Come back. I need you.

One day all my world circled about you.
Now when I move without you,
Nothing on earth is the same!

I still need that love. I wish I could go back.
I wish I could be the person I was supposed to be.

Do you remember the sweep of the rain,
The sound of it strumming the sky?
People in love walk inside that song,
But now when I listen, the melody's changed.
The rain only whispers "goodbye..."

I'm still looking for you.
Look for my face in the crowd.
I need you.
I'm waiting.

I don't want to cry when I think of you,
But now when the rain falls, I do...

I love you Ryo.

um...yeah...*needs NEWS love so she can smile*
Tell me what you think~
(I don't think I'll post this one in the comm unless someone says I should...)
Tags: !fanfiction

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