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Rin { Milky Moo } ; Creeper Extraordinaire
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[This journal is inactive]
As of December 1st, 2010, I have discontinued using this journal for personal use.
Fanfiction can be found at pocky_addiction

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The Girl;

This is Rin, Ritsu, Renge, whatever suits your fancy. The Queen of Ditzlandia. I'm just a girl, really. Barely legal and probably never growing up. I'm a film student, though I'm not currently in school, as well as a fashion designer. Music is like oxygen to me. I'm a writer and a book worm. I'm also a geek. I am more then a little crazy. I can be totally loud, out going, and bubbly, but I can also be really shy. Childish, flaily, a total fangirl. I only speak English, and I fail at it a lot. I can, however, sing in Japanese? I love to talk and meet new people and hear stories, so friend me if you'd like. This journal is locked, so please leave a comment on my friends post
The Fangirl;

Like any decent female, I am a fangirl. Not rabid, but definitely passionate. However, unlike most americans, I don't pay that much attention to american artists. My love resides in the Asian music industry! I love a lot of Jpop and Kpop, especially Johnny's Entertainment. ♥ I do love the sparkles. I love... EbiKisu, Hey!Say!JUMP, and almost all the Juniors hold my heart. My favorite is Takaki Yuya of Hey!Say!JUMP and I can get quite creepy about it. I have mad love for Fujigaya Taisuke to the point of which I styled my hair after his and Lee Joon is quite fantabulous. I do write fanfiction and you can find that at pocky_addiction
The Dreams;

As I said, I'm a film student (with fashion on the side). My hopes is to get through college and work my way into Asian cinema, though, I'd totally settle for Hollywood. Of course. I'll hopefully manage to learn Japanese, maybe Korean or French or Dutch. I'd love to at least visit Japan often, if not live here. I'm not there yet, though~
I've got a wonderful little online family. anthropopathy and calinyan/asa_chan_love are my amazing mothers. mishun is my incredible fake boyfriend. And there is yararanger ♥♥♥

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